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Starting with the [url=""]42010 - Off-road Racer[/url] and [url=""]42011 - Race Car[/url] in 2013, TLG released two sets in the first half of each year, using a [url=""]pull-back motor[/url]. The pull-back motor allows the model to be pulled back, followed by forward motion. Usually there's no apparent relation between the two set, other than the ability to combine them into an alternate build. This year there seems to some sort of Cops and Robbers scene going on. A Getaway Racer and a Police Interceptor. That can't be a coincidence. Makes you wonder who will be victorious, the good guys or the bad guys. Let's find out! [i]Note: All images can be clicked for hi-res versions.[/i]


Number: [b]42046[/b] Title: [b]Getaway Racer[/b] Theme: [b]Technic[/b] Released: [b]2016[/b] Part Count: [b]170[/b] Box Weight: [b]302 gr[/b] Box Dimensions: [b]26,0 cm x 13,8 cm x 5,9 cm[/b] Set Price (MSRP): [b]€ 19,99[/b] Price per Part: [b]€ 0,118[/b] Links: [url=""]Brickset[/url], [url=""]Bricklink[/url]


The box has the same dimensions as previous year's pullback motor sets. In the lower right corner there's a visual explanation of the pullback mechanism. The dark model with it's decals sure looks like a cool hot rod. [url=""][img][/img][/url]


The box contains: [list] [*]1 Instructions Booklet [*]1 Sticker Sheet [*]2 Technic Liftarms [*]1 Pullback Motor [*]3 Bags [/list] [b]INSTRUCTION BOOKLET[/b] Just a single booklet. Unfortunately no booklet for the alternate model. [url=""][img][/img][/url] [b]STICKER SHEET[/b] The sticker sheet contains a lot of cool stickers with flames and skulls etc. [url=""][img][/img][/url] [b]PULLBACK MOTOR AND LIFTARMS[/b] The [url=""]pullback motor[/url] and two liftarms are found unbagged. [url=""][img][/img][/url] [url=""][img][/img][/url] [b]BAGS[/b] A total of three bags containing the majority of the parts. [url=""][img][/img][/url] [url=""][img][/img][/url] [url=""][img][/img][/url]


This section describes the new and/or otherwise interesting parts. Actually, this set is the only set of 1H 2016 which doesn't use any new parts, not even parts in a new color. [b]TIRES[/b] The Getaway Racer uses four low profile tires ([url=""]Tire 37 x 22 ZR[/url]). [url=""][img][/img][/url] [b]RIMS[/b] The rims are [url=""]Wheel 30.4mm D. x 20mm[/url] in Pearl Gold, found in [url=""]12 other sets[/url]. [url=""][img][/img][/url] [b]PANELS[/b] This set contains three [url=""]#3 Panels[/url]and three [url=""]#4 Panels[/url] in black. [url=""][img][/img][/url]


This set contains 171 parts, all listed below. [url=""][img][/img][/url]


This being a small model, I won't show any building steps. Let's skip right to the finished model. Below you can see the end result. In my opinion the model looks great. It's got that hot rod vibe going on and the stickers add darkness to the vibe. Slight problem with this set is that it really needs the stickers to finish the look. Otherwise it's quite dull, with black and dark grey liftarms and panels. [url=""][img][/img][/url] The rear view shows the pullback motor connected directly to the rear axle. In this image you can also clearly see the exhaust pipes on the side, which are very well executed. The [url=""]3x3 Technic Discs[/url] with stickers, used in the rim, result in only seeing a part of the rim. This works very well with the golden rims. [url=""][img][/img][/url] The bottom view shows the chassis of the car. Nothing really noteworthy, as you would expect from a pullback set. [url=""][img][/img][/url] [b]VIDEO[/b] The following video gives you an overview of the finished model. [media][/media] [b]PARTS LEFT[/b] These six parts are left after building the model. Seems about right. [url=""][img][/img][/url]


This being a pullback motor set, it only has a single feature. The video below demonstrates the acceleration of the vehicle. My girlfriend was kind enough to catch the model before it fell to the ground. Or did it hit something before it fell to the ground?! [b]VIDEO[/b] This video shows the pullback functionality. [media][/media]


The alternate model is a combined build with the Police Interceptor, which you can see on the back of the box. Unfortunately the instructions for the combined B-model are not included, so I didn't get a chance to build it. This would make for a fun challenge, building the B-model without the instructions. [url=""][img][/img][/url]


Pullback sets are not the most technically advanced models, so you can't expect any other functionality than hitting the walls in your house. However, I think they are very appealing to kids. The fact that this year's pullback sets form a duo adds to the fun. In my opinion TLG hit the nail on the head with the Getaway Racer and Police Interceptor. The Getaway Racer looks very badass, which is something you don't see every day in a Technic set.


How do I grade the bad guy in this year's duo. [b][color=#800000][size=5]8[/size][/color][/b] [b]DESIGN[/b] [img][/img] [size=3]It looks so cool, but it does need the stickers.[/size] [b][color=#800000][size=5]7[/size][/color][/b] [b]BUILDING EXPERIENCE[/b] [img][/img] [size=3]Nothing out of the ordinary.[/size] [b][color=#800000][size=5]7[/size][/color][/b] [b]FEATURES[/b] [img][/img] [size=3]Limited to the pullback-and-drive functionality.[/size] [b][color=#800000][size=5]7[/size][/color][/b] [b]PLAYABILITY[/b] [img][/img] [size=3]Combined with the Police Interceptor, kids will love it. It does need it's Nemesys though.[/size] [b][color=#800000][size=5]7[/size][/color][/b] [b]PARTS[/b] [img][/img] [size=3]Collection of common parts. Gold rims could be interesting.[/size] [b][color=#800000][size=5]8[/size][/color][/b] [b]VALUE FOR MONEY[/b] [img][/img] [size=3]Pullback sets always deliver a certain value.[/size] [b][color=#800000][size=6]7,3[/size][/color][/b] [b][color=#000000][size=4]HIT IT![/size][/color][/b]


[url=""][img][/img][/url] [url=""][img][/img][/url] More image can be found on my [url=""]Flickr page[/url]. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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