42056 - Porsche GT3 RS - Custom Stickers




How cool would it be to have some nice decals for your 42056 Porsche GT3 RS like the ones below?! 30042502222_de862dbfae_c.jpg Well, recently saw a guy on Facebook posting pictures of his 42056 with such decals! I contacted him to ask if he was selling, and we was. So I bought two sets of these stickers, which he promptly sent. Tonight I applied the stickers and the result is shown below.


The set comes with stickers for the two sides, and one for the number plate. Make sure to use the right stickers for the right side. This seems obvious, but you can easily make an error.


Each side has four stickers, which means that the bigger one is a STAMP (sticker across multiple parts). This is frowned upon, but it can be easily fixed. Use a small hobby knife to cut the sticker after you have applied it. This will yield the perfect result.


The quality of the stickers is good. Looking at the closely, you will see a little graininess, but after you have applied the stickers it's hardly noticeable.


All in all they make a great addition to the Porsche! Especially when you put in on display.


I had a talk with they guy and he happened to have a Eurobricks account. His name is 8421XXL and he will probably here to answer your questions. If you are interested in these stickers, please use the PM instead of posting it here. Thanks.


After the highly successful sticker set Walter created for the Porsche, he has released a second version. One of the reasons for releasing this second set, is the inclusion of a spoiler sticker. As you can see there was no sticker in the first version.

This got solved by providing a nice sticker for the spoiler. This sticker can obviously be combined with the first version of the sticker sheet.

Below is a picture of the Porsche with first version sticker sheet combined with the spoiler sticker. The spoiler sticker is the icing on the cake.

Here's the Porsche with the new sticker sheet applied. This new version also makes the Porsche look way better than without sticker sheet. When I see a version without a sticker sheet nowadays, I really find it's missing something. It just needs a pair of Walter's stickers. Whether it's version 1 or 2, I will leave that up for you to decide. I will revert back to version 1 with the spoiler sticker. I just love that look.

Here's the new design in more detail. Very nice and clean design!

And a full shot of the new design.

You can get these new stickers by contacting Walter directly or by visiting the MVDS Bricklink Store, a friend of Walter's.

Discussion about this set can be found here.